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Web Designing: At Yourhostbuddy our Goal is to provide Creative solutions / application to your Organization´s business needs. While there are industry is overloaded with Web Designing organizations and companies, how we stand apart and create a niche is because we understand that your web desinging assignment for us is not just another project for us, but your Organization´s / your business Identity.
Contact us now to Learn how our Creative team can assist in building your Online profile.

Business Applications Developing Applications, which matter, which make a difference to your Organization´ business operations, marketing initiatives is what we would like to work with you because that is where we excel and bring in our creative efforts, Creative not means just creating Visual beauties, but developing beautiful business intelligent applications to smoothen your business operations. Contact us now to Learn how our Business Applications team can assist in enhancing your business operations.

E-Commerce Almost gone are the days of brick and mortar stores, in the 21st Century, people buy online!! Not just to save costs! but to get a wider choice, shopping can be done 24 x 7 and a vareity of advantages, offcourse but if you are reading this section, you definitely understand the advantages of e-commerce. You've take the decision or are almost finalizing on how your E-Commerce store should function and operate? Do not launch of start developing on your E-Commerce store, till you've spoken to our E-Commerce Experts! Contact us E-Commmerce guys to know how we can drive traffic and more business to your e-store.
PS: We hope you do know that Global survey of e-commerce user habits show that 70% of all the shopping carts created are adandoned mid-way!!! 70% of buyers who start shopping on an E-Commerce store, never checkout but just drop mid-way. Do contact us to know how you can considerably reduce the abandoned shopping cart problem.

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